The Worst things about living in a college town:

Well, as much as I’d hate to start this blog off on a bad note… here I go (I’ve never been much of a sunny person to begin with, I’m more of a #SadBoy. So this post is pretty on brand).

The past few weeks have been a little bit of a nightmare. I now understand why they say that when it rains it pours… because it sure does pour. I’m finally out of the dorms this year, I know that this should be cause for celebration… however I’ve managed to land myself the worst possible roommate. For privacy’s sake, let’s call her Terrible Tina (TT). In a college town you have to sign a lease literally a year in advance – some of you may be familiar with this especially if there’s a particularly desirable area to live in your college town. I hadn’t really gotten to know TT for the amount of time that one would consider appropriate before signing a lease together. All my other friends had paired up and found houses around town… and here I am, high and dry and left with one option: TT. Who, might I add, didn’t start showing her terrible side until more recently.

The girl is just… weird. Her good qualities seem like they’d be great and then they just get too intense or take a turn for the worst. For example, she’s a vegetarian (like me! woo!) but she’s a terrible one. She doesn’t eat anything that has any remotely good health benefits. Her diet is primarily microwavable mac and cheese and instant mash potatoes… I shudder to think of how clogged her arteries are. Because she has terrible eating habits she gave herself some sort of stomach disease. And not in the way you might think… During her freshman year (and what must have been her first time exposed to hard liquor) she managed too drink so much vodka it basically sterilized the inside of her stomach… which isn’t good when you consider that your stomach is an ecosystem of good bacteria and flora. She basically wasn’t eating enough to put enough of a barrier between her stomach and the liquor. So her trips to the one bathroom in the apartment are long, complicated, and often interrupt my morning routine.

On top of the girl in the room next door being a total nightmare, it seems that all of our neighbors either never sleep or just can’t without the sweet sound of blaring EDM every single weeknight. I get tired after 15 minutes at a party, I have no idea how someone could willingly listen to that kind of music much less at two in the morning on a Tuesday. Plus, I think that one of the people I live adjacent to was straight up throwing another person around the apartment… so I hid in the bathroom and called the police out of pure fear that I was next (it probably doesn’t help that I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Law and Order SVU late at night…)

All in all, it’s been a rough first week at this apartment. Hopefully, things will improve!

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